Friday, May 26, 2017

Bitcoin Events

World’s First Bitcoin Center Opens in New York City

The Organization Is Located In Manhattan’s Financial District Hundreds of cryptocurrency enthusiasts joined together on New Years Eve to watch the opening of what some people are calling Bitcoin’s very own Wall Street. The institution aims to become an educational hub dedicated to the promotion of the many digital coins out there, as well as an incubator for innovation in this revolutionary financial field. One of the most widely recognized people present at the opening of the center was Congressman Steve Stockman of Texas, who made it known that people could use Bitcoin to donate to his 2014 Senate campaign. …continue reading

Swiss Parliament Considers Passing a Law Deeming Bitcoin a Currency

The Goal Is To Eliminate Ambiguities and Increase Legal Certainty Representative Thomas Weibel has introduced a postulate to the Swiss Parliament that seeks to have Bitcoin treated the same as any other foreign currency. If the measure is approved by parliament, it will be submitted to the Federal Council, Switzerland’s principal executive institution. In the event that the Federal Council determines that bitcoin should be treated the same as other foreign currencies, it will then evaluate how to implement the postulate. Coindesk reports: “The Swiss Parliament is considering a postulate that asks for bitcoin to be treated as any other …continue reading

Bitcoin To Hold Its Own Black Friday

Hundreds of Merchants to Participate on “Bitcoin Friday” In another sign that Bitcoin is beginning to go mainstream, approximately 500 merchants are anticipated to participate in Bitcoin Black Friday. CNN reports: “Hundreds of merchants will be joining “Bitcoin Friday” on Nov. 29, selling everything from Christmas trees to clothes, to web domains. Bitcoin Friday deals include unlocked phones from GSM Nation and discounted plane tickets from OKCupid, which has been accepting bitcoins since April, will be participating as well. Media outlets are jumping into the Bitcoin deals bandwagon too: GOOD Magazine is giving away $5 discounts for subscriptions and …continue reading

Global Bitcoin Conference Coming To Toronto

Conference Will Focus on Growth and Development of Bitcoin The Bitcoin Alliance of Canada is planning one of the largest Bitcoin events to date which will feature many prominent Bitcoin leaders, speakers, and businesses. The Expo will take place at Metro Toronto Convention Center, Canada’s largest conference and meeting facility, on April 11th-13th, 2014. Tickets are not yet on sale, but are planned to be available in January. From the Letter of Invitation: “On behalf of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada, I wish to invite you to one of the largest planned international Bitcoin events to date. Join us on …continue reading

First Latin American Bitcoin Conference to Be Held in December

Buenos Aires, Argentina is the Chosen Location As any Bitcoin enthusiast will tell you, Bitcoin is a global currency and not under the control of any single nationality. Being a global currency, one would expect to see Bitcoin to supporters the world over. Sure enough, that expectation rings true as the Fundación Bitcoin Argentina is holding the first Latin American Bitcoin conference to be held from December 7-8, 2013. The conference will feature over 25 top notch speakers. Here is a segment from the announcement on Coindesk: “From December 7 through 8, Bitcoin enthusiasts and those interested in learning about …continue reading

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