Bitcoin Future Value to Reach $1 Million?

Will Bitcoin’s Value Ever Reach $1 Million?

The media is abuzz with the story of how a man bought $26.60 worth of Bitcoin, forgot about the purchase until recently, and has now remembered making the paltry investment only to discover that the puny purchase has turned into a significant windfall.

The 5,000 Bitcoin that he purchased 4 years ago for less than $30 has turned into $886,000 at today’s value.

It’s no secret that the value of Bitcoin has soared since its creation several years ago.

With the current value of Bitcoin in the $200 range, the question is whether Bitcoin’s appreciation has reached its peak, or if there’s more increase in value to come.

Max Keiser, a London-based financial broadcaster and former stock broker from Paine Webber, discusses the future value of Bitcoin and makes the bold prediction that the price per Bitcoin could reach $1 million each in the not-too-distant future.

Here’s his commentary:




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