Bitcoin to Japanese Yen Exchange Rate

Bitcoin to Yen

If you want to know the current price to exchange Bitcoins into Yen (BTC/JPY), the following price chart provides the up-to-the-minute BTC/JPY exchange rate:

bitcoin price chart

The number in bold in the upper left hand location just above the chart is the current Bitcoin to Yen price as currently reported on the Bitcoin exchange at LocalBitcoins. Being a 24-hour market that never closes, the Bitcoin value literally changes moment by moment, so to get the most recent BTC/JPY exchange rate, simply hit the refresh button on your browser.

Bitcoin to YenThe value of Bitcoin is climbing rapidly against the world’s major currencies. To find out more, you should also read our insightful commentary regarding the historical Bitcoin price to gain a solid understanding of where the BTC exchange rate has been in the past, and where it is likely headed in the immediate future.


The chart below shows the BTC/JPY exchange rates over the past 30 days:
bitcoin price chart

This final chart provides the Bitcoin to JPY price range over a longer period of time, namely, the previous 6 month period:
bitcoin price chart


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