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Bitcoin Exchange for Trading Virtual Currencies

Exchange for Trading Crypto Currencies

If you’re looking to buy or trade Bitcoin, for either the  sovereign currency of your country or for other digital currencies, the place to do it is at a Bitcoin exchange. An exchange, for centuries known as a bourse, is in its basic form a market organized for the purpose of buying and selling investments, currencies, and other financial instruments. In days gone by, the buying and selling on an exchange was done on the floor of the exchange via an open outcry system with agents for buyers and sellers shouting and using hand signals to convey information about buy and sell orders.

Nowadays, open outcry is virtually extinct, and nearly every exchange is fully automated with computers handling the transfer of information regarding buy and sell (referred to as bid and ask) prices. Exchange trading has completely moved into the digital era where milliseconds can equate to substantial profits.

Listed below are all the Bitcoin exchanges that we are aware of from around the globe. At the top of the list are our favorites, ones that we use ourselves. Those listed below are presented in alphabetical order. If you know of a BTC exchange that isn’t listed here, please contact us and we will be happy to add it.

Bitcoin Exchanges We Use and Like – The most reputable source for Americans looking to get into Bitcoin. They’ve received more startup capital than any other, and they’re adding about 10,000 new accounts per day! We use their services daily. – Our favorite trading bourse that offers an abundance of crypto currencies. Like coinbase, they’re growing exceedingly fast and struggling sometimes to handle the rapid increase in volume. Despite some minor issues now and then, every issue has been resolved professionally by their team. We use their services daily. – Another one of our favorite crypto exchanges. They’re based in the British Virgin Islands and have been able to handle the volume. Very professional with very fast fill times. We also use their services daily. – This exchange has not yet seen the massive increase in activity that coinbase and cryptsy have. Thuse spreads are wider and activity – meaning daily trading volume – is a little on the light side. Nonetheless, we like this exchange and use it daily.

Complete List of Digital Currency Exchanges from Around the World

In Alphabetical Order: – A licensed money transmitter in the heartland of the United State that allows trading between US currency and crypto-currencies like bitcoin. – “Cryptocurrency made delightful”

AsiaNexgen – Bitcoin exchange located on Hong Kong Island. – “One of the biggest challenges for Bitcoin is the barrier to purchase bitcoins. Atlanta Bitcoin’s aim is to break down that barrier and enable anyone who wants to buy Bitcoins to do so quickly and easily.” – State-of-the-art exchange platform built by Wall Street veterans – Offers both long ans short positions, as well as call and put options – “Revolutionizing bitcoin commerce” – Secure storage and seamless banking integration. – Based in Europe, great for exchanging Euro into Bitcoin – Based in Europe, “On Bitcoin Bourse you can trade unlimited bitcoins and how often you like! Bitcoin Bourse charges ZERO fees for buy and sell via SEPA transfers or local in person trading.” – European Bitcoin exchange that is mobile device friendly. – An over-the-counter marketplace for trading with bitcoin. – Currently not available, but the website is still online. – European-based Bitcoin exchange – “Finally you can buy and sell bitcoin with cash, at market prices, and in your currency of choice. No bank account or registration necessary. ” – “The easiest, fastest, and safest way to trade bitcoin with your friends.” – High performance Bitcoin trading engine that offers trading in all the world’s major cryptocurrencies. – Allows margin trading

Bitsofgold – Buy and sell Bitcoins using the Israeli Shekel. – Bit Trade Australia makes it very, very easy and safe for Australians to buy and sell Bitcoins.

Bitx - Bitcoin exchange located in South Africa makes it easy to buy Bitcoin using South African Rands. – Korean virtual currency exchange - Currently the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange – A Chinese exchange that has been merged with – Buy Bitcoin with a credit card. Great idea, however, the price you are charged for Bitcoins is somewhat higher than the going rate. – Accepts wire transfers. – A Chinese digital currency exchange – One of our favorite exchanges. (see above) – “Buy Sell Bitcoin in India online. Sell Bitcoin and get paid in your account within 2 hours.” – Powerful trading platform based in the USA (Atlanta and Phoenix) – They aiming to be the biggest and have received $25 million in venture capital. The best site for Americans to buy Bitcoins. – Buy and sell Bitcoins locally – currently offline.

Coinjar – Australia based, looking to expand to other countries – Trade all the popular cryptocurrencies – “The best way to acquire and use Bitcoin.” – Insitutional Bitcoin trading platform – One of our favorite exchanges. (see above) – Creator of the CoinTap Card which applies a prepaid model to Bitcoin – Virtual currency exchange founded by Megan Burton – The largest Bitcoin changer in Chile. – No, that’s not a typo. – Bitcoin exchange based in Buenos Aires

CryptoStreet – Trade on the go. Bitcoin trading platform works on mobile phones and tablets. – Our favorite crypto currency exchange. (see above) – A Korean Bitcoin exchange – Chinese exchange for trading virtual currencies. – Bitcoin exchange based in Singapore. – Buy and sell not only Bitcoin, but precious metals as well. – Not yet fully open to the public. You need to request an invite. – European based, however, registration is currently closed – Bitcoin trading for serious investors – Buy and trade Bitcoin currently featuring 0% trading fees. – Turkish based Bitcoin exchange. – Safely and conveniently buy and sell Bitcoin in Korea – Forex meets Bitcoin exchange. Secure platform, margin trading, and advanced ordering. – Specializing in Litecoins, but also offers Bitcoin trading – Buy and sell Bitcoins near you. Includes a seller feedback rating system. – Bitcoin exchange based in Taipei that seeks to build “the premier digital currency exchange and investment platform in Greater China” – Was the largest Bitcoin exchange until BTC China moved into the #1 spot – This exchange allows you to buy Bitcoins with a credit card. – Cryptocurrency exchange based in China. – A new Canadian Bitcoin exchange – Sweden base Bitcoin exchange – Buy and spend Bitcoins – Find local Bitcoin dealers in your area. – “Simple, Safe and Secure Way of Buying, Selling and Storing Bitcoins in India.” – Vault of Satoshi allows you to trade fiat currency to crypto currencies (such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Peercoin) with other members of the Exchange. – An exchange that pays interest on account balances. – Largest virtual currency exchange in Canada – trade virtual currency from anywhere in the world.