How Safe Are Bitcoins?

How Safe Are Bitcoins?

Now that Bitcoin is going mainstream, more and more people are taking notice of the trend. One of the first questions newcomers to the phenomenon of Bitcoin is “how safe are Bitcoins?”

That question is very similar to asking “how safe is money”. The answer is partly dependent upon each individual. If a person is walking in a very high crime neighborhood and revealing in a very visual manner that he is carrying a lot of cash on him, then this type of carelessness would likely lead to theft. It’s not that cash is inherently unsafe, just that taking blatant risks in the way that the cash is handled leads to the conclusion that it’s more the way that safety precautions are followed regarding your Bitcoins, just the same as you would follow safety precautions in the way that you handle and protect your Dollars, Euros, Yen or Yuan.

The video below explains that the key to keeping your Bitcoins safe is how you create and use your Bitcoin wallet:



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