How To Create a Bitcoin Wallet at Coinbase

How To Create a Bitcoin Wallet at Coinbase

Creating a Bitcoin WalletIf you’re totally new to Bitcoin, you may want to read our article “Why Buy Bitcoin“. If you’ve already decided to get involved in Bitcoin, the first step is to create a Bitcoin wallet. One of our favorite sites to do so is

Below is a video that will walk you through the steps of creating your own Bitcoin wallet. The process is very, very simple, and can be completed in 60 seconds. The only items you will need is an email address and you’ll have to choose a password. Make sure the password you choose is long, random, and cannot easily be broken.

After your wallet is created, head on over to our free Bitcoin page for a list of sites where you can get some Bitcoin for free. The amounts will be relatively small, but it is a very good way to learn the process of using your wallet.

Before you can start earning free Bitcoins, you need a wallet to send those Bitcoins to. This video shows you how easy it is to create and open a Wallet at The entire process takes less than 2 minutes, and can be done by even those with little or no internet experience.

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