The Growing Number of Bitcoin Merchants

The Growing Number of Bitcoin Merchants

As Bitcoin continues to gain mainstream acceptance, more and more Bitcoin newbies are wondering what merchants and companies accept Bitcoin for payment.

That’s a central question to the future value of Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s ultimate success or failure depends entirely upon the ability of Bitcoin adherents to spend their Bitcoins at a very wide variety of businesses, companies, stores and retail outlets. If merchants adopt Bitcoin as a form of payment, it is destined to become a legitimate currency, whereas if merchants shun Bitcoin, it will be relegated to the dustbin of history as having been nothing more than a passing fad.

Here is an extensive list of Bitcoin merchants who are currently accepting Bitcoin as a payment form:

Bitcoin is going mainstream, and as an example, Forbes presented their top ten Bitcoin merchants based upon website traffic as ranked by Alexa.

From the Forbes article:

“Let’s take a look at the top ten merchant sites on the Internet that are currently accepting bitcoin as payment. Uncensored rankings are based on the amount of three-month traffic received by the website according to Alexa Top Sites (as of May 24th, 2013). The updated list is provided courtesy of The Bitcoin Trader, but a separate version of the Bitcoin Ladder is also tracked on the Bitcoin wiki.

1. (Alexa Global Ranking 22) – Site offers free blogs managed by the developers of the WordPress software and includes custom design templates, integrated statistics, and automatic spam protection. WordPress announced their decision to start accepting bitcoin in November 2012.

2. The Pirate Bay (Alexa Global Ranking 108) – As a large BitTorrent directory for music, movies and software, The Pirate Bay started accepting bitcoin for donations in April 2013.

3. Reddit (Alexa Global Ranking 117) – The social news and entertainment site focuses on user-generated news links with votes promoting top stories to the front page. Reddit started accepting bitcoin for the purchase of reddit gold in February 2013.”

See the rest of the list here>>

As further evidence that Bitcoin is not only here to stay, but becoming widely accepted, Bitpay, one of the largest Bitcoin payment processors, recently passed the 10,000 milestone of Bitcoin-accepting merchants who use their services.

From Techcrunch:

“Bitcoin payment processor startup BitPay has exceeded 10,000 Bitcoin-accepting merchants using its services to take payments via the decentralised digital cryptocurrency. Around this time last year BitPay had accepted its 1,000th merchant — so it’s a measure of the momentum behind Bitcoin that BitPay is growing at such a rate.

The Atlanta-based startup, which was founded in 2011, raised $2 million led by Founders Fund back in May — bolstering an initial $501,000 round it closed in January. At the time of that initial raise, BitPay had some 2,100 merchants on its books.”

Read the full story here>>



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